Sport Standard

The ParBike Sport Standard is a great entry-level two seater bike giving you all the necessities as well as all the same great handling features as the Sport Deluxe. It's a great, more budget-friendly way to spend time with a spouse, friend or your kids.

Sport Standard ParBike

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87” L
47.25” W
48” H


Independent 21-Speed Shifting

Shimano Components

Dual Band Brakes for Fast Stopping

Rack and Pinion Steering

Adjustable Padded Seats

24” Tires

3 Color Options

1000-watt ebike motor available

Pivoting Front Axle for Greater Stability and Better Steering Capability.


For those hot, summer days with direct sun, our optional canopy provides the shade you need to keep riding and stay active.
ParBike Sport with canopy
FAQ #8:

Where Will I Store My ParBike?

ParBike storage

We hear ya. At first glance, the ParBike looks big. But, We’ve thought that out. The ParBike can easily be set up on end against a wall, meaning it will take up no more space then a 4’x4’ area. Rest easy knowing you won’t need to build another garage to store your new ParBike.

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