Richard - Sequim, Washington

"It's been several months now since the arrival of the quad for my Dad and I to enjoy getting out together. He's 91 now and looks forward daily to his ride of 3-5 miles.  My wife and I also take it out for far more extended rides (up to 20 miles). We now have well over 700 miles on the quad. It is extremely well built and a lot of fun giving us great exercise. Again thanks for a great product."

Father and son on a VierBike

Tom & Diane - South Carolina

Your bike has changed our lives! Ever since we received our "quad" we have ridden almost every day. Four years ago Tom, my other half, was stricken with a massive aneurysm. He was not supposed to survive but he is a Marine and had been teaching others how to be fit. He fooled all those doctors and he and I began to work on making him better. From bed ridden, to wheelchair to walking with a cane. His entire right side is still extremely compromised, but we have worked together to progress as far as we could. We used to be avid bikers, hikers, and kayakers, but all of that was lost. NOW WE ARE FREE AGAIN - thanks to your quadracycle.

Everywhere we go we are stopped. Everyone wants to know where we got this crazy vehicle. Everyone has a story about their loved one who has similar circumstances as ours. Everyone has asked where can they get a quadracycle. If even a tenth of the folks that have taken information from us call you, you are now swamped with orders. You may be cursing us or thanking us, but all this has made us realize just how many people could also have their lives changed with a wonderful quadracycle.

Thank you so much,
Tom and Diane .....South Carolina

Mitch - Winnetka, California

"I was taken by surprise of how well geared it was & how easy it was to peddle & maneuver in the city."

Hello my name is Mitch I'm a bicyclist & a bicycle collector. I recently retired & was looking into investing into a ParBike Quadricycle. 

ParBike are of medium price range & have a certain style of attraction to them. Everywhere I go people stop me & ask did you built that thing? It is a beautiful bike where did you get it? Notoriety is big when riding a ParBike Sprint.

I take it to do shopping & all sorts of errands or to just ride it because it's fun. I was planning on converting to an electric hybrid but, now that I have actually ridden in it I was taken by surprise of how well geared it was & how easy it was to peddle & maneuver in the city. I don't believe I'll be doing that anytime soon I'm going to enjoy the pedal pushing for now...So which of the two in the picture do I prefer to Drive or Ride my ParBike Sprint of course.

A new ParBike Sprint

Don & Rebecca--Oracle, AZ

2014 Saddlebrooke Ranch Xmas golf cart parade in Oracle, AZ

"We love off roading in the new construction areas and seeing deer, jack rabbits and coyotes. One year old and still loving it!"

VierBike Sport Deluxe in a golf cart parade

Ken and Mary

"We won first in our division at the Christmas parade. Talk of the town, big hit!"

VierBike lit up in a parade

Don & Rebecca-Tucson, AZ

"I want one of those!"

We’ve had it out for a ride the last several days and have experienced several heads hanging out of passing car windows yelling “I want one of those!!”  I’m going to start carrying a lasso to catch them so we can talk more seriously on how they too can enjoy the fun of owning and riding on a ParBike Quadricycle. We are truly having a great time with it. We have no problem promoting ParBike in Arizona.

ParBike Sport Deluxe in Arizona

Chuck and Colleen--South Dakota

"This is just about the most perfect way to ride a 'bike' for non -biking folks"

My husband and I started looking for some type of side by side cycle a year or more ago. We wanted to ride together, be able to talk and enjoy each other as well as get some exercise.  I did a lot of research on the internet. 

We looked at domestic quad cycles, European quad cycles and Asian models.   We found a MADE IN THE USA model in the ParBike Quadricycle. We saw the independent 21 speeds. The removable canopy, the ability to put it in our mini van  and thought this one is for us. We looked, talked about it and contacted Rich via email. We liked the prompt concise answers and information.  We liked the quick production and shipping time.

Once we made our decision we wanted our new "quad" asap.  We had it delivered to our RV park.  The hardest part, was waiting to get it out of the crate.  It was super easy to put the front wheels on and attach the canopy.  We are the talk of the park and have had lots of people stop to look at and talk about our ParBike Quadricycle.  We are looking forward to sharing this with our grandchildren when they come to visit us.  We are in our 60's and think this is just about the most perfect way to ride a "bike" for non -biking folks.
We are having a blast !!!!!!

Thanks so much Eli and Rich for a great product.

ParBike Sport Deluxe in South Dakata

Marty - Upstate New York

"I had been researching four-wheeled bikes for about 2 years and found this to be 'The One' "

We bought a side-by-side 2 seater ParBike Sport from ParBike.com about two months ago. We (my wife, our pug and I) love this bike.  We try to take a ride on it every evening after my wife gets off of work. We find it to be very relaxing, comfortable and stable. It handles very nicely. I had been researching four-wheeled bikes for about 2 years and found this to be "The One". It is less weight and has a pivoting front axle which to me is a must! This bike is much more in quality and comfort than we expected.   Great Job!

Tom - Sturgis, Michigan

"...the steering is smoother, more like a car."

We have owned 3 sport model quadricycles (starting in the 1990’s). I just bought a used one a couple of weeks ago. I have owned other 4 wheel bikes, but here is what I like about ParBike Quadricycle. I like the steering and the weight of the ParBike better. The steering is smoother, more like a car. And the shifting mechanisms are not so close to the ground on the ParBike. The independent drive axles and the floating front axle are nice features on the ParBike too. I think they are a great unit.

Jerry - Bokeelia, Florida

"... after 22 years, it is still the best ride going."

I currently own a two seater ParBike. In approximately 1991, at the St. Petersburg Florida Boat Show, in Florida, I saw a display for the ParBike Quadricycles, and was able to test one out. I was so impressed with this vehicle, that I bought one on the spot, and sold several more by letting others try out mine.

When I moved, I “loaned” my ParBike Quadricycle to my brother who used it with his family and enjoyed the ParBike for many years. With new grandchildren, and new bike paths I again thought of the ParBike Quadricycle. I saw a 6 seat similar vehicle on CraigsList, for sale for $500, and I bought it. It was “Brand new” but I quickly found out that the reason it was brand new was because it was unused. The reason it was unused was because it was very difficult to pedal, and the geometry was difficult. Even with modifications, one could not get comfortable, even someone of normal size like my wife. My big and tall frame remembered the easy pedaling ParBike Quadricycle.

So I sold the 6 seater. I finally called my brother and acquired my old ParBike Quadricycle back. Its fun to drive and it’s easy to pedal, and it fits at least up to 6’4” and at least down to 5’3”. And after 22 years, it is still the best ride going.

Jack & Laura - La Grange, Illinois

" We have ridden other types of 4 wheel bikes and like this one the best."

We ride the rails to trails, most of the ones we ride are crushed lime stone and the bike is good on this surface, we have done more than 30 miles on a single ride many times. We have ridden our ParBike quadricycle sport 17,000 miles in 17 years.

We love our ParBike Sport and have ridden other types of 4 wheel bikes and like this one the best. You can tell your customers that they will have many years of fun on the ParBike quadricycle. We really are fans of ParBike and hopefully will be getting a new one soon.