Specialized ParBikes Quadricycle for Families and Dogs

Need a specialized ParBike for your family needs? 

Villages couple enjoys cruising around town

For the first time in a while, Gene Kieffaber hasn’t experienced any joint pain while riding his new bike. But that’s because the Village of Poinciana resident doesn’t cruise around on just any bike. In fact, it’s not really a bike at all. Because his machine has four wheels. Gene and his wife, Jan, received a ParBike quadricycle as a Christmas gift from their son, Patrick...

Custom Colors Now Available

Parbikes recently introduced Custom Colors starting at $250. If you have a special request color, please Contact Parbikes to see what we can do for you.

Introducing the Metra Hauler Pull-Behind Trailer

Now you can transport people, groceries, building materials and more with our new Metra Hauler Pull-behind Trailer for the Quadracycle four-wheel bicycle.

ParBikes in the Herald & Review - Unique Form of Transportation

Unique form of transportation brings new meaning to four on the floor!

Reporter Tony Reid and photographer Jim Bowling of the Herald & Review get a chance to see the ParBikes Quadricycle in action.